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Driving Licence/ Drivers Jobs

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Hi All


Just landed in Oz after what seemed like ever to get in ( been here 3 weeks). Loving it so far, unfortunately the holiday head is starting to wear off and thoughts albeit very reluctantly are turning to work!


The OH as got the skills visa, but I have nothing to shout about. However, looking round I am really keen on some form of driving job bus driver,taxi driver,Truck driver etc etc.


I have just received my WA driving licence ( C class) and laughed like a madman as I watched the admin person at the DVS wiped all the UK driving licence Ientitlements off with a stroke of a pen ( don't get me wrong I was no expert driver or anything but it was a bit of a comfort blanket knowing that I could drive a mini bus if I wanted to- anyway back to my question!)


My question is thus:


How long would it take to get my MR/HR Licence from where I am now, is there a fast track process?


The 'evil one' at the DVS said that I had to wait 1 Year before I could move up to the next level. Is this correct ( I have heard I can apply/do lessens before this?)


Can I 'Skip' the LR licence and move straight onto the MR licence and therefore automatically get the LR Licence?


I am confused with all this driving licence business. I suppose I am asking, is there anyway to get the MR licence at least (preferably the HR) in a fast way and how?


Hope you guys can help

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Hi there good luck, gonna keep an eye on this post as I was thinking of doing some sort of driving job ( bus driving )as I have to go Back to collage for gap training. But would need some sort of job to bring home some dollars , anyway good luck hope it all goes well .

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Hi Guys I will be looking for a driver in about 6/8 weeks time for an easy ongoing contract based NOR but delivering all around Perth. Will be either large van or mr.. Will keep you in mind..

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