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Business Rules

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We've recently had to edit a few posts which contain contact details etc., We ask that contact is via the forum and not via external links/other forums.


Could I also please remind members with business interests of the following rules:


Business Rules

1. Before advertising any business or service on PerthPoms.com, contact the administrator. Any posts deemed to be advertising material without the consent of the administrator may be deleted.

2.Signatures are a great way of promoting your online business and we encourage their use on the board and within profiles. However, please keep signatures to a maximum of two lines, do not include large images, large text or banners. The only exception to the two line rule is for migration agents who are permitted three lines, due to the requirement to display their Migration Agent Registration Number. One external link to a business website is allowed.

3.Posts by Service providers/business members using this function purely to promote their own wares without adding value to the community are likely to be removed and/or edited.

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