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Any Scottish people out there?


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Since been in WA not met many Scots and yet keep getting told there's lots? Where are you all? We are a family of 4- 2 young kids.Be great to hear the accent again.

Hi, i've been here since 5th Sept, we're NOR at the moment (in a temp rental) but looking at going SOR. Where are u? What age are your kids?



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I have met a lady called Jen on here who is Scottish and another family my son plays soccer with are from Stirling , her boys played soccer the other day and all the kids were Scottish so there are definately lots here. :-) I myself am Welsh :biggrin:


Hi Loulou,

We lived 15mins away from Stirling in a town called Cumbernauld so that would be great to share our experiences. My boys would love to meet other Scottish kids,they do have Aussie mates but I think not having to repeat ourselves all the time would be less frustrating. lol. We also love the Welsh.

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We are arrived 4 weeks ago and we are currently living with friends in Waikiki (SOR) - my wife and I are both from Wishaw....please don't hold that against us


Would that be wishy lol. Hope your having a great new life we've still got a bit to go before making the move but can't wait.

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