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Vocational education positions


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My visa was granted in August and I've been trying to get my head around the whole thing and make some plans. My visa was granted for working in the Tafe ( further education) sector but originally I hoped to work in training and development in the mining industry as this was what I used to do. I have been told that as there has been a 7 year time lapse since I was last in T&D I won't be able to get a job in this field and therefore need to look at Vocational teaching again. I currently teach travel and tourism but have also taught psychology and public services. Any ideas about how I old go about finding employment?

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Hi Clare, I'm interested in this one too as I'm a VET in animal sciences. I have been told I need to get my Australian 'assessors' award, equivalent to our A1/V1 but the TAFE's I've spoken to (albeit in NSW) have all said they will sort that once employed. There appears to be a few jobs around, although the majority do seem to be for trades. WAjobs is a great site with daily updates - most jobs appear to be I schools rather than TAFEs though. It doesn't seem there are many TAFEs in WA, or is it just me? When are you heading out?


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