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best bit about living in Perth?


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Are we only allowed one thing .....that's so unfair lol.


Im stuck, so many great things but if it has to be one thing then I shall be the shallow person I am and say the weather and the fantastic lifestyle it gives us.


Advise would be remember it all takes time to fully settle and get organised but its so worth it ....

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Guest guest9824
in your opinion, what is the single best part of life in Perth?


also, what's the one piece of advice you would give someone starting their Aussie adventure?


looking forward to hearing your responses.......



J xx


Yep sorry J, we were all in the land of snoresville!!!! Up and at em now though...so answers:-


1. Space.

Can I have two?

2. Outdoor living, planning things in advance without the worry of the weather being rubbish!





Make lists, tick each thing off your list when its achieved, pat yourselves on the back, take time out to put your feet up and enjoy what Perth has to offer, take people up on offers of get togethers, and just enjoy your new life!



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Said this so many times - but the one thing that makes me think "god I live here" every time, is travelling into the city along the river (better on a nice day of course).


I love driving into the city too. Going up the Kwinana freeway, past the river and seeing the skyscrapers in the distance is just fantastic. I love driving back into Freo along Curtin avenue and seeing docks and an endless green ocean out to the west.


To narrow it down to a single thing is immensely difficult though. If there's something that warms my heart though it's the people. In the past two years I've met friends that I hold more dear than those I've known for years. I love the energy of people here, their positivity, generosity, good nature and warmth. I love that kids are polite and content with being kids. I love that people pick rubbish up from the street because they know it's their street, it belongs to them and they take pride in how it looks. I love that the staff in the shops around the corner don't simply pass the time of day with us, they genuinely want to know how we're going because sharing stories and time is as enriching for them as it is for us.


Reflecting on that statement it's a curious one to make when we've recently had a thread about preconceptions and generalisations. I try so hard to not put people into boxes and it's not like everyone here is gagging to be your next best friend, I've also met some right %$£&@.

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