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Just want to get there now!


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Hi Lou, I did my validation trip a few weeks ago. I went on my own as my partner had to work but I came home all fired up and certain we are doing the right thing. However being home a few weeks and the doubts or the nerves maybe start kicking in again!! We feel similar to you as in we need a change. But the validation trip will remind you why your doing all this. Good luck.

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Hi Lou,


Weve just got back from ours, and don't want to be in the uk anymore. Felt awful coming back, we loved it. Were determined to get out there, as soon as possible. Want to make it work and get started, now!!


Good luck with yours, if you need any help let me know!!



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I've been through all my doubting moments over the last 4 months (since receiving our visa) but now the house is on the market I just want to go go go! We are flying out to Perth to validate and for my SILs wedding...can't wait! We're meeting up with a good friend from our ski season 10 years ago who's a recruitment agent, a friend who has his own fitness training business and of course all of our family and new family who are down there. I've scheduled visits to schools, to see recruitment agents and have earmarked some areas and new builds to go and look at. We are only there 2 weeks and 3 days are tied up with the wedding so it's coordinating mine, the other halves and the families calendars so we can fit it all in. I think we'll need a holiday at the end of it! I know that when we get back we are going to feel so low if we haven't had a decent offer on the house and a target date for our move! I'm so glad others have recently validated and it's 'sealed the deal'!

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