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Understanding the Australian Joke


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it is funny though how quickly you start replacing your English words with Aussie ones. We do it now even when there is no need, ie in the company of fellow poms.


i did get caught out the other day though when enquiring about land and house packages, I asked about the size of the plot....Aussie bloke turned to me and said..." A plot is what we bury you in, do you mean a block" .....of course I knew that, it was a slip of the tongue lol


There has been a few other slip ups.....but all good fun.

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Guest guest10912

It is true, you do start to pick up some Aussie expressions and words. At work I find myself being "across" things, I sometimes "socialise" papers and sometimes things are just "too easy".

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Sorry I've been a bit slow been at work all day! The first quote I thought I'd put on hubbie wouldn't allow and when he translated the Aussie words for me I realised why...reading it in the Queens English really didn't help!!! I think I should have read the introduction first and so should you!


So, lesson 1: diction...


The secret of a good Aussie accent is to speak fast, slurring or avoiding more common words.


TIP: try not to open your mouth!


For example:


Queens English: Are you going to have a shower?


Australian: Yagunna avashowr?


Apparently not opening your mouth is important to avoid swallowing flies!

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