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Broadband package help needed


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I would suggest you look at what you really need. Unlimited boradband is nice, but with the copper network, speeds are not great, so that limits you more than capacity. We've got 200GB and don't get close, even though were on line everyday. Phones, we use mobiles, and avoided having a landline, its nice not to get any telesales calls here. Cant comment about TV, we couldnt justify Foxtel, and prefer to spend the money on DVD's etc.


We have iinet basic package for around $70/month and thats been good, slow but good.


Sorry I cant answer directly, but hope that helps a bit.



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Have a look at VividWireless.


Uses the old 4G/WiMax phone network. Speeds are very location dependent, but good for a rental as you don't need a physical cable.


Still get a phone number as a phone plugs into the Router.


Get to keep your phone number when you move about, and unlimited downloads and free calls to the UK.


I pay $89 a month.


Then chuck in Foxtel at $130 a month.

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