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Opinions please! Thinking of short-term letting our house...

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Just wanted to get the opinions of those that came over to Perth seeking a short term let or those that are thinking about making the journey!


Husband and I discussed the idea last night of going back to the UK for a 6 month stint, in our line of work it would be fairly easy to pick up a couple of interim contracts in London and things are pretty quiet in Perth at the moment. We’re also feeling a bit stuck in a rut and a bit bored and think an extended trip back to the UK might be fun whilst have the luxury of being able to work in either place and before we have any children.


We have a house here and would want to rent it out whilst we are away, but not so that we’d have to empty it and cancel everything (as we’d only be away 6 months). So how appealing would a 4 bed house, fully furnished and equipped (so TV’s, all kitchen equipment, duvets, lamps etc etc) including all bills – such as electricity, gas, water, broadband, foxtel be to someone coming over? It’s in a suburb south of the river, 8 minutes’ drive to the nearest train station (and then 14 minutes into the City), 6 minutes’ drive to the beach.


To cover everything we’d have to rent it at $680 per week. To have our cleaner and gardener thrown in as well you’d be talking $715 per week.


We’d be letting it on a 3-6 month basis.


Pondering the idea of throwing in our cars as well, but not sure how that would work really.


Would this be something people would go for? How's the price?

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Hi, as a family about to make the move from UK to Perth this would certainly be of interest to us. A 3 month furnished rental would allow chance for us to find a longer term option and give time for all of our belongings to arrive too. I think it could definitely be a win win option providing you get the right tenants in that will take care of what's yours. Having let a property in the UK I've had both good and bad experiences. If you decide to go ahead with this could you please let me know

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It would be a good idea so your getting your mortgage paid, but you would need to be careful about the bills I would think. Our rental has a lot of solar panels and we just give the landlord a certain amount for electricity each month regardless of usage so you will realise that we don't care how much we use, lights left on, tvs when no one watching, heating on constantly there, so you could have a big electric bill! Also, for me I wouldn't like anyone using my personal stuff,(the small stuff I mean, like duvets, towels etc) different if you put stuff in just for tenants use but that's just me.

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Thanks guys, really useful feedback.


We wouldn't have tenants use our own bed linen and duvets - we'd buy new ones (I'm sure tenants wouldn't want our used things anyway!) but just from a "turn up with a suitcase" point of view that I know can make life easier when you arrive and don't have you're own things.


I did think about the electricity element of it - that's the thing that worry's me, we have ducted r/c air conditioning, which is amazing, but expensive to run - and like you said, if you aren't paying the bill then you aren't going to be bothered about having it on 24 hours a day! So might weigh up getting solar in before hand.


I did have a look on stayz at how much short term lets are going for as holiday let - wowzers they are expensive!! $1,900 for a house down near Rockingham for the week - granted it has a pool, but still!! I guess I wasn't really looking at it from a money making perspective, just breaking-even for us and knowing things are being taken care of whilst we are away.


Something to ponder anyway, we can't do anything until next year (and want to be here for the summer) so we've time to get the house sorted and put solar in if we decide to go that route!

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What about trying for a house swap, i.e. get a UK family across to yours and you into their's? Lots of websites and information on that option. Only downside is you obviously get no income on your proprty but equally you pay no trent when in the UK. House swaps are very popular nowadays.


I guess something to think about. But not covering our expenses in Perth would be a big dent in our finances in the UK. We'd be able to stay with family for a bit and would probably only rent a studio in London with fairly minimum outgoings so all-in I'm not sure it would would work out financially. A big plus with the move is being able to earn so much more in the UK and bringing that back with a slightly more favorable exchange rate to when we came out originally - either that or use the extra money earned to travel for 6 months on the way back, something we've always wanted to do but never been able to afford.

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