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Well.......✈️✈️ flights booked...OMG


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Thats Excellent!!! :)

From speaking to my Aussie rellies they've been over here a few times and Singapore have always served them well.

My Uncle got the same flight home just last Saturday & we're booked in for January.

Have you got the extra baggage allowance too?


Hey jumbo we got 30kgs each and there's 5 of us so should be enough plus 1 hand luggage each

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It should be 40KG baggage allowance for PR holders, you can contact the airlines and inform your details and in turn they update on your ticket for 40KG allowance and during boarding they will check and accept your 40KG baggage


it's the much debated 457 visa for us VK so probably why we get 30kgs but i will double check

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