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HELLO!! hoping to make some contacts


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hi just joined this site, looking to meet some people. I am 42 a practice nurse married to a carpenter, 2 children aged 8 and 11. just put in EOI, been invited for SS, just put in application for that. planning to visit April 2014 for 3 weeks. thinking of possibly outside perth to live possibly Rockingham area but no definite plans. we don't know anyone in same situation. exciting but scary! would like to meet other people don't know anyone over there but would be nice to be able to make contacts that could have a chat to when we come out in April.

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Hi Domino, me too, sounds like we're in similar positions- i'm also a nurse by registration I'm 49, husnand 54, children 26, 24, and 14. All very scary..see my post 'tough decisions'. We ve actually booked a hol 18th dec to visit our daughter (the 26yr old) in perth but things may/ hopefully change if I get a job offer- time not on our side due to our ages.

Seems there is a wealth of helpful and friendly people on here so I am sure you will get plenty of support- keep in touch



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