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Singing and drama classes children SOR


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Well the obvious choice is WAAPA. Even though she's a little young, if she's dead keen then this is the age you should start considering her place there. WAAPA is one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world, turning out Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin et al, and it's here in little old Perth! It is in Mount Lawley so a bit of a trek if you're a long way south.


Christ Church Grammar school has a good reputation for drama - check out the Midnite Youth Theatre Co and Sth Freo High school has a fantastic music stream.


Perth Film School in Subi runs classes for kids but they start at age ten so something else to consider in a few years. They also do short courses for adults - film making, screen writing etc so if it runs in the family it's a great place for both of you to go.


Barking Gecko are also in Subi and run a theatre school and vacation programme.


Freo has Circus WA with a range of classes that have turned out some very successful street performers. Some of the teachers can be found on the streets of Freo at the weekends (performing, not inebriated!) Whilst not exactly drama, they do organise an end of term performance and it is great for learning new skills.


Helen O'Grady runs drama classes SOR. I've no direct experience but it might be worth a look.


Depending on the type of singing she does she could join one of the many choirs around. Our community church has the most fantastic choir and they organise a variety of festivals and events, both god-free and not.


Shine Performing arts run a variety of courses SOR.


Mrs p moves in film and theatre 'lovey' circles and knows people, mostly behind the scenes rather than performers and she suggested that the closer to Freo/Subi/Northbridge you are, the greater the opportunities. Perth is a great place if you're creative. It has a fantastic music scene, some great theatre and a growing film making community.


Finally, check out the Fremantle Arts Centre. They run courses for kids during the vacation and they have great links to the local community so if you can't find what you're looking for they are really helpful and can point you in the right direction.


Hope this helps.

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