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Pre-existing medical problems and the waiting period

Guest jodavies5767

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Guest jodavies5767

Hi there!


I am flying to Perth two weeks tomorrow (eeeeek) to work as a doctor for a few months (and then hopefully longer!) on a working holiday visa (417). I may apply for a 457 if I am offered ongoing employment - the 417 was the quicker option and they want me to start ASAP.


I'ma healthy 26 year old but have had some ongoing problems with pain in my leg and groin for the best part of year that I have yet to find the cause for...partly because I hoped it would settle on its own and haven't pushed for many investigations and partly because my own GP is rather dismissive. I've had a couple of USS scans but that's it. It's not so awful that I wouldn't go to Australia (I've been planning to do this for years!) but painful enough that I would want to pick things up with a GP when I get out there in order to have some more imaging, investigations and maybe get referred on in order to try and get to the bottom of it.


As part of my contract I have to have 'top level' private health insurance anyway which I was happy to pay for (ish...) until I noted their waiting period for pre-existing problems is 12 months and freaked out thinking I was going to have to live in pain for another year. I've now scoured the Medicare website (yes, I realise I ought to be informed about these things given that I am off to work within their healthcare system!) - am I right to think that I'll be able to pursue this problem via this route? I know I'll have access to GPs but will this also cover outpatient appointments if I am referred (to a specialist in a public hospital) and scans etc? Typically how much do you pay for GP appointment? I know you don't get that all back. Also - how much do simple painkillers cost generally?! I'm talking a pack of generics low price paracetamol/ibuprofen?


Any help would be greatly received - not used to private health insurance nor having health problems myself :(

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The reciprocal care with medicare I believe is for emergencies only, like any health system there is a waiting list for public specialists, I know someone who waited 6 months for an endoscopy. Scans are not free, you will get something back from medicare on the rebate. Some GP's bulk bill, others charge anywhere up from about $40 per visit (again you will get something on medicare). Not all blood tests are bulk billed. Brufen an panadol are a couple of $ at the supermarket.

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