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Looking for an estate agent/realtor for help during our Recce


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My wife and I will be over in Perth for a few weeks end of October beginning of November for a holiday/recce and would like to go and see some rental properties and also some for sale to help us decide the area we want to live in when we move over there.


We reckon we'll probably have to rent before buying when we do arrive, maybe even go for a new build.


Obviously we don't want to waste anyones time but would be good if an estate agent/realtor could meet up with us and point us in the right direction with regard to process for buying/renting/mortgages/areas and schools.


Any help greatly appreciated.



Gareth and Ellen

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They are not that obliging! Its hard enough trying to find out when a property you like is having a viewing sometimes. Its not like Scotland(im from there too!) where you phone up and ask to go for a viewing,occasionally you might be able to do that but the easiest thing is to look on Realestate.com.au, pick a few properties that have open viewings and just turn up. Usually there is only a viewing once a week for 15 minutes or so and everyone who is interested turns up at the same time.

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Weedolly is right, the agents here in general are barely interested in helping people actually needing houses now, never mind someone checking things out for the future.


have a look on realestate the week before you come and make a list of properties you want to see and just go along to the home opens. They have a great app that makes searching a lot easier!

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Gareth and Ellen,


We have just arrived and our experience is in line with what others are saying. Renting and/or buying properties here in Perth is a very different process to the UK. I would advise doing loads of research on http://www.realestate.com.au and perhaps securing a few viewings for the first week that you are here and then take it from there.


I would be surprised if you can get a 'One Stop Shop' real estate agent - in our experience each agent in each company is responsible for a number of properties and those are the only ones that they will deal with.


Choosing a location will be key and you might find that like us you get into the location/cost equation - we could buy or rent a fantastic property with pool etc miles away from where we want to be or get a smaller place in the best location - the usual situation. If you haven't realised, property is expensive both to rent and buy in Perth (depending on which suburb), so we are currently considering buying straight away in order to not be reducing our capital by paying expensive rent for a year. Our decision hangs in the balance at the mo.


Anyway, good luck. I hope my tuppence worth is helpful and I'll let you know how we get on.





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