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Possible meet for chat about immigration process & settling in Perth area

Ellen Hughes

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Hi, myself, husband and little boy are heading over to Perth in approx 3 weeks for a recce and a bit of a holiday, of course. We will staying in Rockingham while we are over and would love to meet some people who have made the move who can tell us about their experience.


My husband will be applying for an independant 189 visa and some info on what that process was like would be good and also some info on getting settled would be useful. We are planning on looking at houses, both to rent and buy, and also looking at the job market. We appreciate we will not be making a permanent move for a while as the visa process will take time but we want to find out as much as we can about living and working in the Perth area first.



Ellen, Gareth & Danny :smile2:

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Hi, welcome to PP.

I can't help with the visa process but let us know what you do for a living and I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Quite a few Rocko members on here so someone may step forward to show you round.

Good luck with it all and enjoy the forum.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


My husband comes from an IT background and worked in that area for 20 years but has recently been made redundant. He is now an HGV driver and loving it. I have varied experience in administration and office management but have been out of that for about 4 years, as did not go back to work after our son was born. I have been working in a local supermarket for a couple of years now.

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