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190 visa granted today...whoo hoo-lodged mid aug


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Hi Floorman,


Congratulations on your visa approval. That is a quick turnaround! I wondered if you could share your dates with us?

I have submitted my EOI on 16th Sept and was invited to apply on 18th. From there, I have now sent off for state nomination 25th and am waiting for the form to sign. I think I've also got to do the multiple choice test on WA before lodging the application.


I'd be interested to know about your experience and any others that have recently been granted.

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Thank you everyone!! Flatpack we found out we had a case Officer last Tues then a week later its been granted...all through our agent.Why dont you give them a nudge.!! You have to keep asking.It might annoy them but you have paid for their service!!


If I had an agent I would be beating their door down for answers but I decided that the money we were to give them was better suited to staying in my pocket! Haha, I am a Yorkshireman after all.

I have no reason to doubt that we have a CO like everyone else that has applied around that date. I'm also convincing myself that if they haven't got in touch with us, it's because everything is in order so far. No news is good news as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not usually a patient person but I really feel that this is our destiny so I'll bide my time and let DIAC do their jobs without mithering them. If I've heard nothing by the 7th I'll give them a quick ring!

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