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Bus or Car


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I would be grateful if someone could offer some advice please?


We have an appt with the bank to active our accounts on St Georges Terrace the day after we arrive and we also hope to register with Medicare whilst we are in the CBD at the same time. My question is, we will be staying in Yorkine and it seems that we can get a bus from there to the bus station and then walk to St Georges Terrace. We also have a hire car. What is the parking like in the CBD midweek? Is it relatively easy to park in the CBD and is it expensive to park there for a couple of hours? Do you think we would just be better off taking the bus?


TIA Lorraine

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I'd actually drive to Kings Park and walk down.


If you park in the big car parks (instead of the main road in from the city) it's free.


You are not supposed to leave the park, but there are no people checking. So if you are subtle, it's an easy job.


There are a few free areas, but they are usually only 30mins. Or they are a fair walk out the CBD.


Chardy - The reason Wilson are expensive is they are geared towards all day parking workers, not people who pop in for an hour or two.


If you were near the train, I'd suggest that. Otherwise I'd drive. Buses are too slow. Park up at Metham/Maylands and go in from there.

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