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Recommend a Doctor in the Northern Suburbs


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Hi Guys,


I've been in Perth for around 2 years now... have attended 4 different surgeries and seen multiple doctors all of which have been an absolute disgrace.. perhaps i've been spoilt with the health system in the UK...but for certain the GP's in Aus are slack to say the least.


I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant and from 19 weeks have been under the direct care of the hospital thus I have had no need for a doctor. Thinking ahead now I need to find a surgery to attend for when bub is born can anyone recommend? I am more than happy to travel, we are currently in Stirling but would be moving to Ellenbrook direction in the New Year.



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I had to laugh at this question as I went to the doctors at the shops in Mindarie while I was there, I had caught that flu virus and was concerned about how I felt esp. flying back to the UK. Saw this Mohammed doctor who wanted me to have an ecg and take a inhaler , I asked how much, then said I would go to the hospital as they would do it free, I left laughing did he really think I needed an ecg ???? stupid man

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