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For sale due to upgrading 1993 Volvo 240 automatic saloon


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We arrived out here just one year ago, and purchased the Volvo on the basis I've had them in the UK and prooved to be great cars,. Now were settled with Jobs etc, then we would like to upgrade, and we'll either p/ex the car or sell it to someone privately.


The car is a 1993 Volvo 240 saloon in white. Mileage is 320K (nothing for a Volvo) and it runs really well, its my daily driver.

Overall condition is good, new CD player 1 year ago, central locking, immobiliser. I'll change the timing belt for the new owner, so needs nothing doing for the next few months. Has 3 months Rego. Tyres are al matching and only a few thousand miles old.


I"t had a full service last year and since then hasnt required oil or water, typical for a Volvo.


For someone who isnt concerned about having the lastest car, but more importantly having something reliable, and a comfortable long distance cruiser, then this is ideal.


I'm looking for $2K for the vehicle, and if your emmigrating soon, then I'm happy to keep it until you arrive.


If interested then please PM me.



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