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prince harry coming to perth


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I've heard a rumour that Harry is popping into Perth on Sunday? Does anyone know where he's visiting in the city? I can't find much info on the net and my daughters would like to see him if he's on walkabout :-)





It was just on the news that he is visiting Perth tomorrow but not sure where abouts.

Good luck ! :-)


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Me, I guess the original poster also. I would assume tens of thousands of others, but thanks for sharing your considered view.

It is a considered opinion, and it is mine, thanks for the sarcasm

If the royal family want interest or respect while the country is on it's knees, stop taking the free money from the civil list, support yourselves, pay for your own kids, try living on a normal workers income etc.

How can anyone respect them when ordinary working people struggle every day to survive and see the royal family having a luxury life from the taxes they have to pay. Their behaviour is just another reason to loose respect for them, adultery, stupidity, dressing in SS uniforms etc

My opinions, no arguments and no further response from me

Off to buy another special edition plate and mug

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Guest guest9824
I like Harry. He's one of the few royals I have respect for. He done a couple of tours of Afghanistan, raises a lot of money for charities and you could actually see yourself having a few beers with him.


I know he's done some stupid things but haven't we all?


List please.........:biggrin:

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