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Any cab drivers in the house?


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Unless they've improved the interiors vastly in the last couple of years the drivers may miss the comfort of their Falcons etc. And I'm sure they'll miss the price of LPG if these are diesels.


It'll be a bit strange to see them around the city though. I'll keep my eyes out!

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in all the papers this morning over here, really good news for Coventry as work only resumed last month for them. they will all be white because of the heat .

why does a colour make a difference ? but if all goes well 200 more will be on there way. good luck , I think it was a chinese firm that bought the company after it went bankrupt

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Guest guest9824
I'm told white vehicles don't get as hot in the sun because they reflect the sun better.

Can't say I've ever noticed a difference - whatever colour the car is, it get's bleeding hot when parked up in the middle of summer



Phil..you mean to say you haven't got a sponge Bob square pants sun screen to position on the front of your dash board to stop the heat....shame on you! :biggrin:

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