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Newly Pregnant & a little Homesick - anyone in same situation?

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You've seen the world and stayed in some incredible places...go you!!


We're only just looking into starting the visa process but my bf and I both worked in Perth for 7 months in 2011 and absolutely loved it! Its something that we keep on talking about, but putting your plan into action is quite scary! I am dreading telling our families (if and when we start applying for this visa) I think its something we both are certain we'd like to do. We're young and have no commitments (we rent, we have no children etc) so I guess it's just a case of taking the plunge and going for it!


You sound very settled now! Freo is gorgeous, I can totally see myself living there. I fell in love with the beaches in WA and I think I would quite happily be a beach bum forever if I could! xx

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Just wanted to say hello and wish you well with the pregnancy. I know how you must be feeling, needing your support network around you. Years ago when I was expecting my second child we were contemplating the visa process. But then I got cold feet as I couldn't contemplate moving whilst having a tiny baby and pulled the plug on it.


I'm sure your BF will be great, new experience for both of you. You pick it all up as you go along. See if you can join an antenatal class, loads of couples in the same boat, having their babies at the same time. You will make friends easily and have the support network you need.


Good luck!

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Hi just wanted to say congrats, i'd say i might have a little idea of how your feeling, we moved out in feb when i was a few months pregnant (scary) with our 3 year old and our youngest in now 4 months, its been a struggle but worth it!! . . If you ever fancy catching up just inbox me, take care : )

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We stayed but kept getting itchy feet. That feeling never seemed to go away. Cut a very long story short, we have our PR visas and we are heading out in April 2014! Woohoo!!


Today at work a colleague suddenly told me he is leaving and flying out to Melbourne in January! I wanted to say, "Wow, me too!!!" But I couldn't as I haven't told them yet, still secret! Instead I asked him masses of questions. Apparently he has an Ozzy wife who is 12 weeks pregnant and she wants to go back to her family. They feel that raising their baby in Oz would be for the best.


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I am not in the same situation now, but I was!!! I emigrated over here with my Husband 6 years ago, and found

out I was pregnant within 6 weeks!!!!! I was really sick too, it was my first child and I knew no one. My Husband

was off at work at his new job all day and I was alone and felt yuk every day, it was awful. I needed my Mum and my sisters

and friends and I must admit it was very tough! know how you feel! I hope you have made some friends now, although I

found its difficult to meet people when you don't have kids! You will find a whole new world of friendships will happen

once you have a baby. Please, please get in touch if you want someone to talk to, I got very depressed during my first

pregnancy because of loneliness and I would hate that to happen to you. I don't know where abouts you are, but even

if you are too far away, we can always email and chat on the phone! P.S. I loved my wine too, but its funny you get used to

not having it pretty quick, I used to suck on chupa chups instead!!!!! Not the same I know but hey it helped!

If you want to get in touch,

:biggrin: Sharon

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