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Shipping stuff back to uk.


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I'm just starting to look at shipping a few boxes of personal stuff from Perth to Luxembourg, absolute maximum 2 cubic meters, and with a value of about $2000. I've just been quoted about $1500 by Transglobal - hardly seems worth it!!!

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How did you go Chris?


Which company did you use and at what sort of cost?






Hi June today is actually delivery day so will let you know later if we have any breakages etc lol! We went with crown in the end as most quotes were pretty much the same give or take $100, it has cost us a total of $8700 with the insurance but $7500 without! So far they have been very helpful and kept me up to date with goings on!

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Thank you all for your feedback...


Chris, hope the unpacking goes well. Do let us know how this goes. Did you go for the 20ft container? Your quotes seem a bit expensive for 20ft??


Apart from Crown and Pickfords, who else would you choose to quote?


louisef, we've been here in Perth for just over 7 years. What's your situation?

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