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Should I phone Woolworths?

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Hi guys, had a job interview at Woolies on Monday. The interview went really well and the manager said I should have a phone call either Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know the outcome of the interview. It's now 10am on Thursday and I still haven't heard anything. Should I phone the regional office in Kewdale who phoned me originally or should I still wait to hear from them?


I appreciate things are a lot more laid back out here but I'd just like to know either way as I have other interviews lined up but really prefer this job.


Any feedback/suggestions would be great


Thank you x

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The delay may be waiting on references etc, i'd personally leave it until next week and proceed with the other interviews you have lined up. I know that when we recruit - often the delay is references (particularly if overseas), also our decision has to cross a number of desks and be signed off (to ensure the process was fair and equitable), there is also an appeals period.

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Thanks Ali, really appreciate your reply. Will wait till next week. Just impatient that's all! Have a fab day x


Can't blame you ... we were the same with my daughter who had an interview - they say good things come to those who wait ... hope that's true for you xx

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