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Where to buy herb plants?


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Random question! Where is the best place to buy established pots of herbs? And nice bigger pots to put them in? Have only got paving and astroturf so its going to have to be pots.


i used to get some from tescos and then come winter every year they would die! Not seen any in the supermarkets here, maybe i havent looked hard enough? Or where can i go? Bunnings? Not been in one before so no idea if they have plants!


thanks so much :)

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Bunnings for the pots, but we found spud shed excellent for the herbs. We bought a bay tree last week. Good size and $10. They also had dwarf fruit trees - lemon, lime, grapefruit and others that you can put in a pot.


The thing with Perth to watch for is how close you are to the coast. We are very coastal so lots of herbs can't cope with it.

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