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Tickets booked, yippeeeee 😬


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Love being impulsive!! Fly out to Sydney 7th Nov, stay a few days, find some wheels then family road trip across to Perth!! Three little girls, sensible mum and an immature dad...oh dear what have we done??


Questions now: has anyone here done the drive before? If so, are there any recommendations as best places to stay across the Nullarbor for a family of five?

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Sort of holiday mode, business doesn't open until next April / May but must undergo 13 weeks training beforehand. Weather is pants right now so wish I cud say that we were making the most of it but that's certainly not the case. Still summer will soon be here, hopefully.


Speak soon, Rob

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That's fantastic, would love to get on the road here. I have friends who just did Melbourne in 3 days. They just turned off the road, headed 5k into the outback, built a fire and slept in swags.


Would love to but problem with our city girls is the only things they can find relating to oz on English TV, apart home and away (love it?), is the worlds most dangerous creatures.....great!! Constant screaming in our house if the see a little spider, hate to think what it would be like with them in the dark in the outback:) Hmmm?


We planning on Sydney for a few days, then to Melbourne, Adelaide with a day or two at each then the big drive across in about three days. That's where we wanted to know about any hotels, motels or holiday inns recommended?

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