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needing some visa/ nursing job advice


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Hi everyone.

Im looking for some advice. I am a third year nursing student from scotland. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to perth in nov 2014 ( by then I will be qualified for 3 months).

He is a plumber so qualifys for a skilled migration visa (189 I think) but I am unable to go on it with him as we do not have joint bank accounts etc to prove us being together for two years and living together the past year, therefor the migrant agent has said that the easiest would be to get married......

Or he goes on that visa and I go in a working holiday visa and apply for a skilled one whilst i am there. The only thinv about the holiday visa is it only allows you to work for an employer for 6months at a time I am a bit worried about getting a job as a nurse with these conditions on the visa.


Has anyone else been in this situation, any advice would be appreciated


Thanks :)

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I think you may find no nursing jobs available unless you have 2 years experience after qualification, we're from Scotland and fly out next month and on almost all job adverts we looked at for my wife it was always 2 years minimum...sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I also worked at the SECC Expo on Sunday with a Nursing Agency to help out and the chat was the same !!!!



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