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Renewal of a Childs British Passport In OZ.


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Hi Guys


Just after some advice/tips regarding renewing my son's UK passport which is due to expire whilst here in oz.


As I have said my son's ( 5 Years Old) passport is due to expire in the next few months. However, I fell off my chair when I saw how much it costs.


My initial thought is why can't I apply for it from here in Australia and get one of the relatives back in the UK to send it off for us (using their address as a postal address) as though we are in the UK ( if that makes sense ) thereby saving alot of money ( not time!) in the process??


Is this possible?????? What are your thoughts??? Just wanted to throw a thought out there??


Cheers Guys

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We faced the same problem for one of our sons....we got the forms sent out by my mother in-law, completed them and photos etc....then posted it back to her, she then forwarded to the passport office....once she got the new passport back, she then sent it back to us....took a few weeks, but saved us money...... plus as I understand it if you do it here they get sent to the British embassy in New Zealand and it takes ages as well as being expensive...


I hope this helps





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Hiya, it's happened to us twice since living here. My passport had 5 months left on it, but was travelling to Bali, and daughters had expired.

We did them both through the Australia post.

I contacted the consultate and British passport office. They told me it was illegal to apply for a passport in Uk if I was residing in Australia.

I got all scared about them knowing I was in Australia but applying for it in the Uk, so just paid the money! I'm just a worry wort!!

Donna x

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Is it not just all about risk? Money then comes into it as a by product of the process.


Sending very important and valueable documents to the UK for somebody else to handle is a risk. Not residing in the UK and going through the process is a risk. Also on the form it asks for a contact name and number if there is a query with the application. Who do you use for that and imagine if there was a question would you trust the contact you put down to not give the game away re the application method? Again all risk.


If you want to save a few dollars then take the risks. If not pay the dollars.

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