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Any advice on Halls Head???


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Hi Guys,


We have 8 days to go til we're on that plane to Oz!! Eeeekk!! Life is very surreal at the mo.


I am driving myself mad :arghh:looking at the real estate websites and rental houses in Halls Head.


Does anyone live there or have any information about Halls Head?


I've heard some really positive things about South Halls Head primary school but there hardly seems any houses for rent in that area. There are a lot more properties available in the North but the comments about Glencoe primary have not been so positive.


Like every parent, the school is so important to me and I want to get it right so the kids don't have to go through changing schools again.


Also my husband is a bit worried about the commute from Halls Head to Perth CBD. Does anyone do the commute from Mandurah train station into Perth? Is the train packed? Do the carriages empty quite quickly on the way home or will he be standing for 45 mins?


Any advice would really help.


Karen x

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Halls head is lovely but a long commute. 50 mins by train and he will get a seat going up but less likely coming back. I drive from Lakelands to West Perth and it takes between an hour to 1.5 hours in peak but when we move to Baldivis it will knock 20 mins off.

I don't get as stressed on traffic as I used to on the UK but don't know why ??

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Halls Head is a nice place. I dont know the schools as we dont have children, but it is a nice suburb, close to Mandurah city centre and very good beaches. Houses are fairly good value. As Chardy says, the train to Perth is about 50 mins. I used to do it, and never had a issue with it. Once you learn the tricks, he will get a seat on the way back.

I used to just buy the newspaper on a morning and by the time i read it i was in Perth.

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We live on Seascapes. We initially wanted south Halls head primary but lived with my cousin just outside the boundary, so my son had gone to halls head primary. It's fine, we now live within catchment for SHH, but son has made friends so I' m happy for him to stay there. They are both nice schools. It's a nice area, 10 mins drive to the station and as others have said it's about 50 mins to perth. You can always get a seat in the mornings as the service starts at mandurah, coming home, you have to get on at the underground station and be quick to get a seat, can get very busy though!

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It must only be about five days for you now Karen, exciting or what!!!



I am looking into commuting to Perth for work and will be happy enough using the train, they are modern and spacious and clean. Compared to the 45 minute drive that I have now on country roads I am almost looking forward to the opportunity to kick back and relax for the commute.


I'm not sure if you know the boundaries for the school catchment areas, pretty sure Halls Head PS is from Old Coast Road on the east, Peelwood Parade down to the water treatment works on the north and Buttercup Parkway cutting through to Staunton Rise cutting through to the Old Coast road on the South. Then south of this is South Halls Head PS, all the way south down to Rakoa street and on the east side of old coast road too. I might be mistaken but I believe mosquito's are worse that side of the road because of the proximity to the inlet.


Hope that helps!



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Thanks for the advice guys. Sounds like hubby will be having a more pleasant journey to work than the usual drive into Manchester!


Thanks Cath,

3 days to go now!!


So excited but feeling a bit nervous and emotional with all the goodbyes.


It was my eldest boy's last day at school yesterday and he was devastated to leave his friends - very hard to put him through that.


Can't wait to be on that plane to start the adventure. Will let you you know how we get on (eek can't believe it's happening!)


Karen xx

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