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Registering a birth & new passport


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Hi Guys,

Hoping someone will have first hand experience on this.


I'm due to give birth next month, we're both on 457 visas, my partner the main visa holder has a British Passport & I have a Irish.


We're in the middle of a 190 Application and so the the baby's arrival will stall our application, thus we need the birth registered, a passport & a medical ASAP.


1- Registering the birth as a temporary resident.. How to go about this? Assuming we need a British birth certificate? How long does it take & where do we do it?


2- Passport, where from? How long/price? What documents will we need??


Glad of any info :)

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I don't know the answer about registering the birth, but as you're temporary visa holders then you'll need a British passport for the child, as you don't have PR status then the child isn't classed as a citizen and therefore not eligible for an Australian passport (as I understand it).

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