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Costs of living for new comers.

Guest scc219

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Hi, I'm from Malaysia. My wife and I with 1 child are planning to migrate to Perth by using Skilled Migration Visa as IT support. We have a few doubts before apply for the visa that hope any of you can help.


We would like to buy a house at Southern River/Harrisdale/Canning Vale, the price around $400k (3 or 4 bedroom without pool), a car like <$40k (HOnda Civic) + other living expenses. Will a savings of AUD400k as a start in Perth survive without a job at the moment?


I have do some research on new houses in these areas and found that there are different categories like 'Single Storey house', 'House and Land packages' and etc. The price for 'Single Storey house' is 'From $200k' and the price for 'House and Land packages' is 'From $400k' which i feel confusing. My questions are:-


- If the price is 'From $200k', is it i can buy the house at the price $200k? For example, in Malaysia if the price shown in the broucher is 'Double Storey Terrace - RM550k', this will be the final price that we pay for this house exclude other expenses like lawyer fees and etc.

- What are the differences between these 2 categories? For example, the specification (3bedrooms), land and build up size for both categories are the same but the price is 'From $200k+' for 'Single Storey house' and 'From $400k+' for 'House and Land packages'. The pricing gap seems to be quite huge and the price for 'Single Storey house' seems to be quite cheap as I know the housing price range in Perth is like from $400k - $500k.

- Is 'Single Storey house' include the land as well?

- I understand that we need to hire a property agent if we are buying a house in Australia, what is the agent fees like?

- What are the Bank interest rates range in Perth?


Any comments are welcome and appreciated! Thanks.

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Guest guest10912

Is $400k enough? Have you done any research on average salaries or salaries for your profession or cost of living, if so you would know that this is about 6 x annual average salary, so ....


I don't really understand your comments on house prices, houses are individually priced, you can look at real estate websites to get an idea of prices, I like http://www.domain.com.au. Buyers don't normally pay a fee to an agent to buy a house. I would recommend focusing on the visa before worrying about buying a house to be honest, it is often a good idea to rent initially as well.


Perth does not have its own bank rates, there are national rates, you can look these up as they do change. At the moment mortgages can be obtained with an interest rate around 5%.

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You seem to be looking at new build homes. The. $200k would be just for the house assuming you have land already, house and land packages combine the two.

Perhaps look at Realestate.com.au for prices of pre owned houses.

You will pay a settlement agent to carry out the legal work.


If you have $400k after a house purchase you are better off than most new migrants !


I agree as above, concentrate on the visa first.

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Brief answer is the price you are seeing for a house at 200k is probably the house ONLY... You will need to have land to build it on.... Second option 400k is for a house WITH land package. It's a starting from price & most likely will end up costing you more. Errrr good luck

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Thanks Rupert, Chardy and Roxy for the comments. I was doing survey on the property price in Perth to have my budget estimation and be prepared. I will definitely apply for the Visa first. Will meet the migration agent tomorrow. :)

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