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1 week in . Update so far


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Hi Its Andys wife here , this site has been a lifeline to our family for the past 8 months so I thought id update you all on his progress 1 week in. He flew out with our eldest daughter (16yrs old) last sunday and they have covered such a lot in the past 7 days. They are staying with friends 30 mins from mandurah. We have to live regional on our 489 visa so we chose Mandurah due its size hoping there will be plenty to do for kids. He drove to Mandurah on tuesday and saw a plasterers van, phoned the number and the got a start with an English guy. He starts this week so no problem at all getting a job. This site is full of great information but you must remember not to take it as gospel. Ive been really worried reading posts that there is little work around etc and a few plasterers really struggling. Andy said there were 11 plasterers jobs in the local paper yesterday. It is of course down to your individual job but the general opinion is that work is plentiful. Our container left Manchester on October 7th it is due to arrive in fremantle on nov 15th so securing a rental is important asap. Ive just booked flights for 21st nov for the rest of us so hoping a house is sorted by then. He has viewed 5 houses so far in halls head and meadow springs , there were a few other families viewing so hes not confident that he will get one of them. Hes applied for all the houses, problem is everyone applies then its down top which application gets chosen and with us being on a temp visa that might go against us. Just hope he hears from one this week. He is going into perth tomorrow to register the visa. Bank account sorted yesterday, so easy I opened a BANKWEST account online and he just went along with his ref number and passport and the bankcard is on its way. They are both loving WA ive had lots of photos of them on beaches at BBQs etc and they have said how lovely the people have been and really helpful everywhere they've been. Couldn't have hoped for a better start will just be glad when all our family are re united in our new hometown. Regards Diane

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Diane that's fantastic news he's getting on so well, you must be so excited to get over an settled. Fingers crossed he gets one of the houses. I think we're going to do it the same way and send Paul over first to get sorted. Looking forward to the next update I get so excited when I hear people getting on so well with the move.

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