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25yr old girl needing some girl friends!! :D

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Me and my boyfriend have been in perth around a year and a half now (we did our farmwork in between that) and have just found out that his work company wants to sponsor him!

I have a few friends here but now that the possibility of sponsorship is here Id love to make some more!

I love anything and everything - clubbing, drinks, eating out, staying in, zumba, gym, walks on the beach blah blah you get the picture!!

He already has his group of friends here from the Uk and I think men sometimes forget that women need it too and atm Im struggling a bit when hes going for days/nights out!

Hope to hear from loads of people!!!

Thanks :)

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I have just moved here with my husband and our little girl. I am 28 and in need of some girl time so please let me know if you organise anything!!



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So glad I found this post as I really want to meet some girlfriends too.

I'm 29 been here since the start of the year and I live in Yokine with my Fiance.

We are originally from Hertfordshire and have just put in for our PR, so we hope to be in Perth long term.

I'd love to know if you are planning any 'meet ups'.

My email is shelli.morgan@hotmail.com or look me up on facebook Shelli Morgan x

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Hi everyone,


Me and my fiancé have been here since June, finally starting to feel settled, just started new job and moving into new house in a couple of weeks but really in need of some girly time! If anyone fancies coffee drinks etc I'd love to meet up. Feel free to message me or add me on fb Kirsty Ball (blonde, striped top, laughing profile pic)


Be great to meet up soon,


Kirsty :-)

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If anyone else would like to meet up on Saturday 9th, please send me an email (shelli.morgan@hotmail.com) and I'll send you the details.

Looking forward to meeting up x


Hi im Martina 33, originally from Newcastle in UK, just moved here and really missing friends for drinks, clubbing etc. Please can you include me, I live NOR but i am willing to let my OH take me where ever i need, lol.

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Hi Suzanne,

We are meeting at Kings Park, 11am. Whats your email address? I'm going to confirm the venue and time with everyone on Friday, so just in case there are any changes I can let you know.

I'd love to go to the beach afterwards but I have a Gala Dinner on the 15th so need to try to find something to wear after we have had coffee! x

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I've just been reading through this thread and think it's such a great idea arranging to meet like-minded people. I'm still in the UK at the moment, we are just waiting for the golden ticket for our PR visa to be granted and then we can start planning our move.

Thanks for the idea ladies, I know when I finally come out to Perth, i'll be doing the same! I have a huge network of friends here and i'll need to replace them!

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Hi girls, I've been here since April and made some mint friends through this site. We meet up generally once a week either for comedy night or just to pig out at koko black (if you haven't been you really need to) ha if any of you wanted to join us anytime your more than welcome. Add me on fb my names Dionne Ganley :)

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Hey, I'm 26 and have a 13 month old. I live in Hillarys with my hubby and I really need some girls friends to chat gossip to, go to the beach and have a laugh. If anyone fancies meeting up please message me. We've been here 2 months and it's about time I meet some fab girls over here.

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