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Visa Granted and flights booked !!


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well we got visa grant - always knew we would go this year if visa came through ! its all systems go for us now - had tears all day sunday , notice handed in at work !!!



trying to book move cube - today , this is proving tricky.



5 weeks and counting .... :laugh:


Congratulations Ochilgal! Its an amazing feeling eh?!


We had ours granted a couple of weeks ago and we are not moving until next year, but starting to try and orgnise a list of what needs doing. I looked at the whole move cube thing at the weekend and found that it sounds like it would meet our needs. Why do you say 'it is proving tricky'? I would be interested in hearing about it, especially if you do go ahead and use it.


Best of luck with the move :-)

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Difficulty in getting someone on the phone with correct info . Spoke to two people who gave different info re deposit and availability. When i called today , spoke to a man called Karl - really helpful - cleared up questions i had , you dont get packing boxes free , thought it said you did on website but thats only for other shipping methods! were going with the large cube.

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