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The Roller Coaster.......................


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Well guys,


The WA Skills List is being updated on Monday 28th October ..............


So this means if our job title is back on the list then we can carry on with WA if not after getting out ITA from SA last Friday and our agent trying to submit our Visa Application yesterday morning and then lunchtime finding out that the list will be updated on Monday we frantically tried to get in touch with our Agent to say not to lodge the Application but got no reply and did not know if the Application had been submitted or not, and after a very sleepness night last night we had an email back early this morning as she is in Oz to say the website crashed so she did not manage to send it ....phew!!!!!!!!:smile:




So now we might be back on the WA roller coaster as opposed to SA one, I have nothing against SA just have friends and job offers for WA etc etc!!

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Exactly Lisa, just when we had all got our head around SA and started researching and seeing all the positives this happens, my hubby kep saying as soon as we lodge the visa the new list will come out!!! I kept saying no it wont but low and behold!!! ..............



WA would just be easier and better for us, but we would cope with SA if we have too, 2 years is no problem for me and hubby, you just dont want to keep moving kids around to different schools at the age they are thats all!!!


What occupation number is yours and I will look out for it too?? And you are lucky like us to have a Plan B, some people don't!!!


Everything crossed for you too Lisa x

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I'm worried our occupation will come off the list, then we're onto plan B; expensive student visa.


Remember if you do have to go to SA its only a couple of years then you can live where you like :biggrin:


Do remember there is no obvious pathway now for going from student visas to PR - There are a couple of regulars on PIO that have had a nightmare with this route

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