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One Way Travel Insurance....


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Ali...You are normally a wealth of knowledge......(normally lol)....yeah i'm a cheeky bugger lol....i'm looking online now i reckon its only £20-£30 so for the sake of that will prob get it...I've asked wife to check with her bank as i know some accounts give you it...thats if she can fit that phone call into her hectic schedule !!!!!!

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Go Walkabout seems to receive favourable reviews across our forums - http://www.go-walkabout.co.uk/ I've seen another company mentioned as well in the last week or so, but can't remember the name, will see if I can find the thread. Check the policy if you're thinking of taking our regular travel insurance as you may not be covered for a one way trip

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Hi we got our one way insurance through go walk about they were the only company that insured you after you went through customs. Most only cover up to customs. Im a worrier so I needed peace of mind until we got medicare sorted. You can choose how many days you want to cover yourselves and possessions upto 21 days after you land



Have a great flight and the weather has justed to get lovely and warm.



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