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Childcare in perth


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Hi all hope your all well

ive posted a few times before on here and it's been very helpful so far . My wife is will follow me to Perth around March . When I arrive in januray , I've already secured a job with a local telecoms company . As for the missus she has no luck with finding anything in childcare . Can anyone recommend any recruitment agencies or is there high demand for this in Perth . She has sent her CV to loads of company's but with no reply . If anyone knows how childcare works in Perth I would be very grateful on any feedback on this . She has over 10 years experience up to level 4 .


Steven & Irene

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Guest guest9824

Hi Stevie, just noticed your thread, not a child care user/expert but wanted to wish you well. It seems to be the go , that a lot of companys won't entertain you til you are here, so don't lose hope. There are lots of child care businesses like ABC, Cuddles, Huggy Bear, and jellybeans, who could be potential employers ....but I'm guessing it's best to be here in person to visit these places especially child care jobs, so they can vet you! Good luck and hope something comes up for you all...



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I would think once she is here it will be a lot easier. In a field like childcare i would imagine they would want to meet someone before employing them, making sure they fit with the centre and the children in their care. As a parent i know i wouldnt feel that happy with my sons daycare hiring someone they had never met.


a couple of the chains here are Mulberry Tree, Great Beginnings, and then there is the Goodstart centres. Get her to email or call them for a chat, most of them are really friendly and helpful and will be able to give her a better idea of what to expect.

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It may be that she doesn't meet the requirements yet until she's actually here. She'd need a Working with Children Check, Australian police clearance, possibly a senior First Aid Certificate and most jobs will almost certainly ask for cert 3 or 4 in Childrens' services or more than likely, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I don't know if she's had her qualifications assessed / converted into Australian equivalences yet, not sure what the procedure is for childcare qualifications, may be that she can RPL through some of the qualifications?

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