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Guidance needed for telephonic interview


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I have got a call for Manager(infrastructure) in council :). I am surprised the job is open till 12 Nov but they have sent me an email for interview at my convenience from the given time slots. This is a telephonic interview as the location is another state regional area, and the employer has taken services of recruiting agency since physical interview would be very complicated for them being far away...I want to know if any of you have got experience with phone interview and got successful. Please share your experiences, it would prove useful... The interview is schedule tomorrow. One thing, I wont be calling them at all unless I hear back from them. What can be the possible questions I can ask from the interviewer. I also want to know if one can get a job straight after telephonic interview, if not what next can be followed.

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A telephone interview should have the same process as a face to face interviews, you may be one of several candidates being interviewed so it's highly likely that you won't find out on the day.


I usually look at the Job description and ask some questions around that to the panel, are there particular things that you feel you need to know about, availability of a car, how big the team is etc.,


These type of interviews are a little strange as you obviously don't have the eye contact so you can't engage them in the same way. One tip, is to make sure they can hear you and speak clearly.


Good luck

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Thank you for advise. I got interviewed today morning. The lady told me that its going to be recorded so it can be sent to shire. At night I wrote all points which I was expecting to be asked n it was bulls eye cuz what I expected came through. She asked me abt my background, why the position intetests me, what I know about town and I never experienced it before but the first question she asked me was how quickly I can relocate and am I satisfied with the salary and benefit. She told me that I will get an update in 5 to 6 days. What do u think Ali.

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