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Anyone out there Getting married, buying a house and planning a baby a baby


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Hi my name is Shelli and I'm looking for some friends :biggrin:

We are originally from Hertfordshire and moved to Perth in February.

Kevin (my Fiance) and I have just submitted our application for PR and although we have made some friends, they are mostly on working holiday visas and about to go home.

We are getting married in the UK in September, looking to buy/build a house as soon as our PR comes through and will be trying for a baby after the wedding.

Is there anyone out there in a similar situation looking to make friends?

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Hi Shelli,


Me and my fiancé are in a similar situation to you guys, although nowhere near as organised! We used our wedding savings to make the move over to oz this June so wedding on hold til we rebuild funds and we are currently looking at PR and talking about babies! It would be great to have a coffee and share experiences, where are you living in Perth?



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Myself and my husband were granted our PR in January 2012 we had already planned our wedding for October 2012 so we had a year to validate and unfortunately on my police check the stamp and date were different one said December and the other January so we were given a validation date of December 2012. I wanted to make sure we left a few weeks in case something went wrong so it basically meant we flew out two weeks after the wedding. Most crazy month of my life did not think our honeymoon would be a one way flight. But it has been amazing and the best thing we could have ever done as we got to have a great send off with all our family and friends. Thought I would be an emotional mess at the wedding saying goodbye too but I surprised myself how together I was. This weekend we are celebrating being in Perth for a year.

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Sounded good up till the "trying for a baby" comment .. a few friends have them, but I personally just don't "get" kids.



I was with you up untill last year when her indoors popped to hospital with "womens problems" a found out she was 8 weeks pregnant!!


Well that wasn't part of the plan.


Now I have just left my almost year old son in bed next to his mum both playing and giggling together to travel 50 miles to work.


The happiest man alive.

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Hi, me and my other half are in a similar situation. although were not getting married we've been together for ages and maybe planning to build or buy in the next few years and the talk of kids has come up recently to. We seemed to have put everything off for the move here. We've only been here for 4 months and living in Currambine so really don't know any body. Im Laura and my other half is Matt, were both 30 and really enjoy living in Perth. Where are you guys living?

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