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Appealing vetassess outcome?


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Hello guys


some of you may know I recently got a negative outcome based on my CIPD Level 7 post grad for not being at required level ( bachelors) its not that they didnt recognise the CIPD they said it was only at a AQF DIPLOMA level. I looked this up and that is probably same as a HND/C in the UK. My qualification is way above that and is the saem format as a degree in terms of content, time and asessmenrs.


Question is do you think its worth appealing and sending in further evidence or am I facing a losing battle?? I will consult the MA I have been emailing throughout this and ask her too (she is on leave until 4 Nov)


If anyone has any words of advice/guidance it would be massively appreciated.



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personally, I would. It's a gamble worth taking.


good luck.


Im not appealing I have been in contact with Vetassess and from what they say there is no chance so we have out our oz dream on hold for now..takng time out to think about what we want and what we need to do to get there...Hope you get what you want and the PA appears on a list some time soon! I just hope they change the stupid rule about my qualification..what will be will be...good luck!

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