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Australia ranked 5th in Annual global expat survey.


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Well, it's official, Australia is the best place to live as an expat (assuming you don't want to migrate to China, Germany, Singapore or the Cayman Islands)


The results of the annual 'Expat Explorer' study which ranks the best countries for expatriates to live in have just been released by HSBC.


The Survey (the biggest expat survey of its type) analyzes the findings from over 7,000 expats worldwide to rank their new homes according to criteria including economics, experience, and raising children.


This year, Australia ranks 5th overall.


Amongst the reports findings - Many expats moving to Australia cite the promise of an improved quality of life as the key driver behind their decision to relocate (42% compared to a global average of 29%) and 60% of all expats in Australia found that their quality of life improved upon relocation.


Expats find the weather, food, and culture easy to adapt to and tend to associate the nation with a pleasant climate, nice scenery, and friendly locals. These real positives mean that nearly half (48%) of expats feel that they are integrating well into the local community, compared to the global average of 34%, and a healthy 81% report a strong connection with the country (compared to a global average of 66%).


The enviable lifestyle enjoyed by these expats results in an overwhelming majority (84%) intending to stay in Australia (compared to the global average of 62%).


Australia appears to be an attractive destination for retirees. Over a quarter (26%) of the expat population living in Australia is retired compared to the 9% global average. In addition, 61% of the survey respondents moved to Australia before the millennium (compared to a global average of 39%) and so have been enjoying the Australian way of life for over a decade. However, the higher cost of healthcare may be a slight drawback for those choosing to move for their twilight years, as over half (56%) note that healthcare is more expensive than in their home country compared to a global average of 42%.


In terms of personal finance, the majority (86%) of expats in Australia choose to hold their retirement provisions in their host country compared to a global average of 45%, demonstrating a confidence in the local economic situation and a long term relocation outlook. Over half (52%) of expats associate the country with strong economic growth. This is in contrast to a global average of one third (33%).


In line with this optimism, Australia ranks within the top half of the Expat Economics league table, scoring 17th out of 37 countries while its neighbouring country, New Zealand, comes in at 29th place.


While Australia is popular with the retired generation, there are some real financial benefits to be had from working in the country, as 54% of expats associate the nation with higher salaries compared to the worldwide average (41%).


For those more concerned with the wellbeing of their children, Australia also delivers in terms of raising a family abroad. The country performed consistently well on measures relating to the health of expat children with seven in ten (70%) seeing an improvement in their children’s health and wellbeing since relocating, compared to a global average of 56%.


Below is a comparison table for Australia (overall rank 5th) and the UK (overall rank 22nd)




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Guest guest9824

Odies there are lots of retirees in our suburb, and I like it. Most say good morning and smile, and most seem to make the most of living here. As I've said to you before, my mum has a better social life than we do with her seniors clubs, outings etc, it's a new lease of life for her. :cute:

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does anyone understand the health care for retired coming over ? I know we pay a bond and can enrol at medicare will that cover be enough ? on the bond it says something about getting the bond back after 10 years less anything paid out ? I know I have to pay dentists and for prescriptions.

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