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Thank you and goodbye for now!!! ........


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Hi Guys,


I would just like to say thank you and goodbye for anyone who has replied to my posts and gave us advice I really do appreciate it and to all the friends I have made, some I have met, some I will meet in Oz and will always keep in touch with Andy Plasterer, Skippy59 and Levi just to name a few!!! We have now lodged our Visa for South Australia confirmation came through this morning from our Agent it was lodged on 30/10/13, South Australia was not our first choice Perth was we went on a reccie in August and fell in love with the place, but we have been very naive with the process and left alot of with the Agent and did not realise hubbys job had come off the list until we decided the regional areas of WA were suitable with regards to work and schools, well the WA list was updated this week and hubbys job has not come back on, but we had received our ITA from SA on 18/10/13 and we have done alot of research on Adelaide and it looks equally as beautiful as WA and we have also realised as of Monday how lucky we are to have a Plan B and that if we still want to move to WA we can do so in 2/3 years time once we have gained our PR.



There are alot of people who do not have the choice to go to another state and I really do feel for them as anyone who has decided to emigrate and focus 110% on doing so will know you eat/sleep/dream it!!



Hope everyone in the process gains their visas soon.


Once again thank you,



Bal xx

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