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Shipping guitars to oz


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Hi all

Moving to Perth next year,I have a concern in regards to my beloved guitars. I have 6 guitars in total,4 of them being flamenco guitars another one of my passions.I have read on the Daff website that they fall into a quarantine concern.can somebody put my mind at rest as I don't want to have to sell them especially my pdl signature guitar :wacko:

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Hi Sparky.


They may be classed as a quarantine concern, however, I would expect them to just be more thoroughly checked and you should be able to import them.


When we visited Australia couple weeks ago we were very concerned about the list of items you needed to declare on arrival automatically thinking you could not import them. However the Aussies around this just declared them and brought all sorts of wooden ornaments etc back from their holidays in Bali and Thailand. The only question I heard asked by customs was if they had bought them in a shop to which they answered the course a tourist shop.


So if you've had your guitars a long time I wouldn't have thought they would be a problem. If in doubt you could always contact Customs and ask them the specific question for shipping.


Good luck!



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Sorry to jump your thread but can guitars be taken on as hand luggage? Or can anyone recommend a courier? My fella is wary about shipping them as some of them are rare. We're not shipping any furniture so don't have a container, although we will be looking at shipping over some tools as he's a spark. Thanks

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Guest Dreamer

Hi there!


I am shipping my personal effects from Singapore to Perth (have ordered a full container), reaching in Feb 2014. I would like to check if there is anyone who is keen to share the space in the container. I have 3 cubic meters (105 cubic feet) available. Please contact me if you are keen and we can discuss further.


Thank you!

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