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Did you know it was right


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Although we'd visited Aus before for a month, we'd never been to Perth and as everyone will tell you, being on holiday and living in a different country are two very different things. We came with a suck it and see attitude, but optimistic that we'd be ok. My hubby said if we didn't like Perth Aus is a big place and we'd try somewhere else but returning to the UK wouldn't be our immediate option as we'd decided that we didn't want to live there anymore.


I think there's always a risk when you step into the unknown, but believing that whatever you decide to do doesn't mean you've failed - takes some of the pressure off.


Good luck x

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Guest guest9824
Did you know it was 'right' for you before making the move? I'm up down all over the place its such a hard decision to make. Did you know or did you just agree to suck it and see ?:wacko:


Ems, I think there is an element of 'suck it and see'. It felt right at certain times before we got here, but not at times when we were here, and there was always that feeling of 'well we can always go back' but then I realised we wouldn't be going back to the life we left, that was gone ( we sold our house etc, wouldn't get the kids back in their same schools, people move on etc) so I guess we just got on with living our life here, and making the most of what we have, which is pretty good. You feeling up and down and all over the place, is very normal, it is unsettling, giving everything up that you have known and is normal to you, and not knowing if it will work out, but giving it a try is the only way you will ever know if it's right or not....good luck with whatever you decide...:cute:

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What you're feeling is perfectly normal believe me..


We had no intention of coming to Perth but jobs weren't coming up for us in Adelaide, at the time you had to be in the state and we needed employer sponsorship (very long story) It takes time to adjust and resettle and emotions in our house have been up and down frequently, after all we've just travelled 10,000 miles leaving everything we had and have known all our lives to come to another country. We had been to Australia a few times previously but living and working here is very different to having a holiday I keep telling myself "same sh*t, shinier bucket" sometimes, especially when homesickness kicks in the bucket doesn't seem very shiny anymore lol!!


We said we'd give it at least a year and see how we all feel after that, if we decide to go back then we can at least say we did it and crossed it off our bucket list :biggrin:

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