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6 weeks in and everythings great


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Hi, though i would post a quick update as its been 6 weeks today since we arrived in perth. Been working for 5 weeks now yep only had a few days off when we got here before i started work. Kids settled in there new school really well (edgewater primary) they won merits in there second week. Been to the kids school fete which was a really good day out. I am really enjoying working outside at the moment down freo refurbishing a large block of flats. Bought an holden ute really wanted one for work went with the sensible choice of a 3.6 v6 instead of the 6.0 v8. Had tickets for vip box at perth glory on sat which they beat sydney 1-0.


Still nothing like the premier league but free grub and beer was the winner really. Saving, saving and more saving for house now. Really dont think things are that expensive here apart from beer lol. Wages are great. Not had much time do much stuff as been working most the time at weekends but off to rottnest on saturday with the kids so looking forward to that. Starting to feel more settled now and cant say i have looked back.

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Great update - I'm loving all these 'arrived' posts.


Have you been on the roads recently Ali - you cannot move now in this city at many times during the day :wink: Arrivals, I will give you arrivals.... :wink:


Good post from Craig and shows you how having a job, or getting into a job, on or near arrival really helps with settling in and viewing the place.

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