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Can anyone help?? Technical issue with completing 190 visa


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Hi, I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this or if anyone has experience of this. I have been invited through skills select to apply for the 190 visa. I was completing the visa last night and saved the information I had inputted as I wasn't yet ready to complete it. I then tried to go back into it to further update it and it asked me for a TRN number. I didn't know what this was so clicked on "forgot TRN". It asked me for my email address, which I inputted and then said that I had been sent an email with my TRN number. I never received such email. I have tried it numerous more time but to no avail. I contact the dept of immigration and was told by one lady that you only get a TRN number if you have paid and completed it. She said that I would have to start my application again. I explained that the system would not let me do this as it was asking for a TRN number and I could not get into any other screens. She then put me on hold and lost my call!!!


I then rang them again (took ages to get any answer, wonder if this because of the Melbourne cup) and spoke to a man who said I would have to lodge my EOI again!!! I explained that this was not possible as my occupation had now come off the list and it had taken a month after lodging my EOI to be invited. I told him I was not satisfied with this and asked to speak with someone else. And guess what?? He lost my call!!!!


I then rang the dept of immigration in Perth and they said it was not them as they were not immigration!!!??!!


In desperation I spoke to the Feedback/complaints guy who was very sympathetic and he asked me if I had a yahoo email address as apparently there is an issue with yahoo being able to receive emails from them. I have completed a form and hopefully they will look into it but this could take a while.


I am at the end of my tether - I commenced this process in May and was very keen to lodge and get on with it. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Many thanks

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You must have created a log in password at some point when doing the application? I can't remember but think it must have been at the beginning of application after clicking the link to apply for visa on skillsellect?


We got an email once we had saved the application (before lodging it) saying 'your application has been successfully saved' and this is your transaction reference number (TRN) which you will need to log in when continuing, amending or updating your application. Did you not get this email when you saved?


I had a problem trying to get on after it froze midway through creating the login and hubby rang and someone reset the link that was sent with the invite as it wouldn't work. If you are not getting the email with the forgotten TRN number details then maybe it is sending it to the wrong email address? I had it resent a couple of times when I forgot it and it came through alright.

check this link, https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa there is a small print bit saying if you dont know your TRN send a request here for it and a link to click.

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