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Applying for jobs but no joy, got to keep moving forward.

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Hi guys and gals,


I arrived in Perth with my partner from Cornwall in the UK on the 13th October. We are currently staying with our friends. We successfully applied for our first rental property in Mandurah and we got it! Over the moon about that and we move in next week.


My partner is a hairdresser, the first salon she strolled into she was offered a job. So much more money than she was on in the UK. This was a weight off shoulders, with one of us earning life would be a lot less stressful and of course we can pay the rent!!


Me on the other hand am having a lot trouble finding a job. I have no trade or skill (other than my confidence and personality, grafter, determination - sell myself) and was laid off from the DVLA in the UK with a compensation package which has allowed us to move and start up. I have worked in Admin for seven years but also worked as a Runner for many film and Television shows. I have been applying online and phoning companies up asking for any positions vacant but having no such joy :(


My partner keeps saying i should walk into places and hand in my resume which i have done but no such luck.


I am on a working holiday Visa but my partner is on a 489 visa, we are applying to have me added onto her visa.


Should i be stating these points in a cover letter to the employers about my Visa status?


Any advice would be so appreciated right now on adapted to Oz resumes, job hunting, any work you know of. I just dont know where to start.


Its not about how hard you can hit its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!


thanks in advance.



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Hey James.


Personally I wouldn't state my visa status unless asked.


As for jobs, well you're doing the right thing but this is WA, it takes time and it's getting awfully close to Christmas so recruitment is slowing down a little. There is an agency in Perth specialising in film/TV/theatre. The name escapes me but it may be worth Googling and giving them a call. Alternatively approach the production companies directly and you may be lucky.


I'll try to find the name of that agency and post it up if I do but you could also give the Film and Television Institute a call to see if they can point you in the right direction (08 9431 6700) or try the universities as I know ECU and Curtin both have Film/TV/Broadcasting departments that might be able to provide some advice. There are also a number of private schools that run short courses so having a chat with them about further developing your skills might lead to a promising conversation. Perth is all about who you know so get chatting to people and name drop.


Good luck, it will happen.

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