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Loan to pay off! What to do??

jo and scott

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we have a loan to pay off and are assuming it needs to be paid off before we move to perth.


Does anyone know if this is the case or can we move anyway but just making sure money is in the bank to cover it each month.


Thanks !!


We went to Australia on a 457 a few years ago with both a student loan and a regular loan ongoing and just made sure there was money to cover the payments in our UK account..... nothing had to be declared in Australia as far as I remember and the loan companies were happy as long as the payments were being made!

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Agree with above. We left a loan in the uk, with money to cover payments. Within three months of starting work we have just sent home enough to pay it off. Would have taken us at least a year to do in the uk if we had saved every penny. Here we still have spending money and have been able to save to pay the loan off. :)

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