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Shipping Costs-Our Quotes


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we've just received a number of quotes (I contacted 14 companies) based on our situation:


2 bedroom semi-detached

20ft Container

West Yorkshire-Fremantle


Highest to Lowest







This does not include Marine Insurance but thought it may help to give those who are a little behind us in the migration process an idea of the range of prices for the size of container/building.





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We used White and Co from their branch based in Telford, Shropshire. They were most professional and very competitive. However, because they are a nationwide company covering many areas of the UK you may find that different branches will offer a different level of service to what we experienced. It is also worth remembering that the UK removal company will use a partner company in Australia to complete the shipment and who may not be as reputable as their UK counterparts.


Whilst on the subject of shipping we found out this morning that our container has passed quarantine and will be delivered tomorrow. We left the UK September 12th and therefore it will have taken 9 weeks door-to-door. We are vacating our short-term furnished rental tomorrow therefore the arrival of the container along with our furniture has worked out day perfect thankfully. This was through more luck than judgement TBH as we anticipated the need for the container to be held in storage for a few days at least until we were ready to accept delivery. Anyone looking at taking a short term furnish let would do well to take this timescale into mind when booking their dates.



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As some people have asked which company provided what quote, these, based on our own requirements are:


John Mason = £3425

Excess Baggage Company = £3460

PSS International = £3542

F&N Worldwide = £3608

Doree Bonner = £3800

Bishops Move = £3863

Crown Relocation = £4365


Average = £3723



but I didn't tell you that :ssign12:

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