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Insure Your Move vs Letton Percival


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Just starting to look into the shipping insurance for January. Insure your Move and Letton Percival seem to the be the main companies of choice.


I have read quite a lot about IYM on here but just wondered if anyone had any experience with Letton Percival as I haven't heard as much about them in comparison.


Their quote seems much better than IYM, there's no admin fee and the policy includes the same sort of things i.e Mould & Mildew cover etc, although there is £250 excess.


Any opinions gratefully received as always!




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We opted for LP. This was based on the guy I spoke to there was very helpful and took the time to explain things over the phone, so I did not feel as though I was taking up his time or being rushed into making a decision. Their quote was also cheaper and did not include admin fees.


Our container arrives here in Freo on Sat so we might find out how good or bad they are if things are damaged etc. I think the true measure of an insurance broker is when you have to make a claim.

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Guest guest9824

Havent any experience with the two mentioned Nikki but do make sure you get adequate insurance. We had Pickfords do our removals, and they were great, but when we finally got our stuff the other end, we had things missing, like small childrens tv, etc..a whole box had gone walkabout! Our big tv was damaged, and one of the dining tables was also damaged, so we got full payout on those items that were missing and damaged. Its inevitable that some things might get damaged, its hard to prove who is at fault, but luckily the insurers paid up no problem. Good Luck Nikki, not long now, have you got any black puddings stashed away in your packing???:wink:



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Thanks Guys. Certainly my limited experience with them so far has been good and it's good to hear others have had the same and that they are goo din the event of a claim.


Candygirl I will wait with interest to see if you need to claim anything and how they deal with it.


Pea - No BP as yet but my Sister is joining us for Chrimbo so I'm sure she'll bring supplies! Do you think I could get away with declaring Black Pudding and Yorkshire Tea! :wink:

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